Diamonds are Forever.

The name Diamond comes from the Greek "adamas", meaning unconquerable. The hardness of Diamond is well known and it has the ability to scratch any other precious stone. Most gem diamonds are white (colourless), but it does occur in colours such as yellow, pink, red, brown, green or blue. The coloured forms are known as "fancy diamonds".

Diamonds are usually cut in the brilliant style in which the angles and size of the facets are calculated to give total internal reflection, through the top facet, of light falling on the stone. This gives maximum fire or brilliance.

The standard American Brilliant has 57 facets.

Other popular diamond cuts are the emerald cut (in which the corners of the rectangle have an extra cut at 45 degrees) and the square or Princess Cut, (where the corners meet at 90 degrees). The Trillion is also a popular cut and is based on an equilateral triangle.

Diamond Sizes : Diamonds are generally quoted in carats or points, which are units of weights.

100 Points = 1 Carat...................5 Carats = 1 Gram

All our stones are natural and untreated and of good quality - please ask if you require more detail. If you require independent diamond certification, we are happy to provide this at extra charge.

Approximate Carat to mm sizes for Brilliant Cut Diamonds

 Carat Weight  mm size
 0.25  4.0
0.5  5.0
0.75  6.0
1.0  6.5
2.0  8.0
3.0  9.4
4.0  10.4
This table should only be used as a guide, as specific gravities of individual stones and cuts do vary.

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Technoblurb on Diamonds.......................

Fracture : conchoidal. Brittle. Hardness 10. SG 3.516-3.525 crystals. Luster adamantine. Colour : as noted above. Refractive and dispersive power : high. Countries of origin : S.Africa, Russia, India, USA, Canada, Australia, Namibia and others. Associated with a volcanic pipes type of deposit called Kimberlite or in sedimentary environments where erosion and sorting of such deposits have been carried out.

Our special connections in the diamond world are very strong. We can source almost all types, sizes, cuts and qualities of diamonds. If you would like advice on colour gradings, clarity gradings or certification, please telephone on our special

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