pure Welsh gold jewellery, a precious piece of Wales.

Until recently, we were owners of the famous Gwynfynydd Mines Royal, Dolgellau, Gwynedd, North Wales. The underground part of the mine closed in 1999 but a small supply was made available from the reworking of old surface tips. Those tips are now worked out and operations have ceased. Pure Welsh gold is the world's most valuable precious metal : the Official price is 3 times that of the London Metal Bullion price. Welsh gold has been especially prized as a jewellery metal for centuries and dates back to the days of the Celtic kingdoms when nobles wore gold torcs as a badge of rank and power. The Royal family, in an echo of that ancient tradition, wear wedding rings of Welsh gold. Every one of our special jewellery pieces is a masterpiece of the goldsmith's art, destined to be treasured for generations to come. Each piece was made by us bears the exclusive AC - Aur Cymru marks, guaranteeing gold from Wales was purely used and has full individual certification.

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Please don't confuse our jewellery with diluted Welsh gold jewellery that contains very little Welsh gold. Only our pieces carry the special and exclusive AC - Aur Cymru mark of Welsh Gold.

As of July 10th 2008, Welsh Gold plc is transferring our last remaining stocks of pure Welsh gold, to :-

Alan Jones, Goldsmith  - The Welsh Gold Workshops, 36 St Mary Street
Cardiff  CF10 1AD       Tel : 02920 224310.

Email : Alan.Jones17@btconnect.com

Alan Jones and The Welsh Gold Workshops have been the contract manufacturing goldsmith for Welsh Gold plc for the last ten years. Mr. Jones, who has rigidly maintained Welsh Gold plc’s policy of non-dilution with world gold, has indicated that the same high standards of purity and manufacture will be maintained. Enough pure Welsh gold is available for up to only 50 special bespoke pieces. Since Mr. Jones has undertaken to continue the policy of non-dilution, Welsh Gold plc has agreed to allow him to continue to use the special Welsh gold marks for what may be the last pure Welsh gold. Pieces ordered from Welsh Gold plc before 10th July 2008 will be dealt with directly by Welsh Gold plc.

Please note that Welsh Gold plc does not act for Mr. Jones and does not offer any kind of warranty in respect of him or The Welsh Gold Workshop.
Certified Irish gold jewellery is available on www.galantas.com  


Tel : 0208 357 3138

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