Working with pure Welsh gold

Pure Welsh gold is the world's most valuable precious metal. The special premium that Welsh gold has makes it many times more expensive than Platinum. It is very expensive to extract, is only produced in limited quantities but has superb qualities as a jewellery metal. It carries an unique fingerprint which identifies it as Welsh gold, distinguishable from gold from all other locations.

Aur Cymru Ccc - Welsh Gold plc has a clear policy against dilution of Welsh gold. This is for two reasons.

The first is that a potential customer should be fully aware of precisely how much Welsh gold they are buying. If it is diluted with world gold they have no practical way of knowing.

The second reason is more philosophical. We believe that Welsh gold is a part of Welsh culture and traditions. It has been so for thousands of years. To dilute Welsh gold with world gold ties the future of that gold : it can never be unmixed and is lost. Its special value and premium has been lost. If one believes Welsh gold is special (and we know it to be), it should be kept at its premium value in a situation of honour and esteem.     A precious piece of Wales.       Forever.

Goldsmith 93Our jewellery craftspeople are experts in their field and specialists at working with Welsh gold. We take great care to ensure that from the first smelting at the mine to the finished piece, there is proper separation of Welsh gold from other gold. We craft jewellery of the highest quality, as you would expect when using such a valuable metal, with fine gemstones to match. Traditional techniques of handworking and lost wax casting are employed to create a range of classic and bespoke designs destined to be valued for generations to come.

Every piece of our pure Welsh gold comes with a Registration Certificate. On that certificate the item is described as being of 18ct, 9ct or 22ct pure Welsh gold. The Certificate is issued directly by Gwynfynydd Mines Royal

A word of consumer advice.Beware the "weasel" words that some other manufacturers use, such as "touch", "contains", "drop" or "percentage". They are an indication to be on your guard. We speak to many people every year that were not aware they were buying diluted Welsh gold when they purchased a competitors products.

Aur Pur Cymru - "Gosodiad perfaith i emau gwerthfawr"